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Antonio L. Quinto, CPA

Antonio L. Quinto is a Certified Public Accountant with over twenty five years of tax and accounting experience, serving clients in diverse industries such as manufacturing, financial services, architectural, real estate, healthcare, wholesale, retail, nonprofits, insolvency and litigation.

In the course of understanding the operations of his clients, Mr. Quinto is introduced to fascinating concepts, such as the science behind medical imaging, teleradiology and minimally invasive surgical procedures; the creative processes involved in designing theme parks, resorts and luxury hotels overseas; and the mathematical algorithms that power encryption technologies, to name a few.

Mr. Quinto never passes up opportunities to gain unique experiences afforded by his profession, such as when he inspected the premises of a multibillion dollar museum in Los Angeles, which was at that time under construction. Or the time when he toured his client’s forest-like property in North Carolina that was, within a span of several years, transformed by Mr. Quinto’s client into a thriving community of hundreds of single-family homes.

Not all of Mr. Quinto’s professional experience are fun and games. He also had to deal with the economy’s unpleasant realities when he served as an accountant in bankruptcy cases. He also worked as a forensic accountant, coordinating with other professionals and law enforcement officers, to assist a United States Receiver realize multi-million dollar recoveries from the perpetrator of a ponzi scheme.

Mr. Quinto assists nonprofit organizations obtain and maintain their tax-exempt status. He served in the board of several nonprofit organizations and was a former Cubmaster. He is currently the Finance Committee Chairman for a church with thousands of members.

Mr. Quinto is a Certified Public Accountant licensed in the State of California. He holds a BS degree in Accounting from De La Salle University, a leading business school in Asia.